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My trial ran out for Adobe Flash CS4 Professional and if anyone knows a free flash program please tell me.

Does anyone know a free flash program I can download?

Oh no!

2009-07-11 07:28:31 by DarthVader456

Luigi gets massive 1 didn't make it. Luigi gets massive 2 has a score of 1.23. All because of the stupid text!!!! At least the music was okay.


2009-07-10 21:17:57 by DarthVader456

I just posted Luigi Gets massive 1 and 2. Hope they survive.


2009-06-23 11:05:54 by DarthVader456

This sucks! I can't submit anything for 10 more days! My flash about toad flipping people off was funny. It got BLAMMED, though

This Sucks

2009-06-16 08:05:12 by DarthVader456

My flash didn't make it through judgement, so I'm making a better one with a better preloader.

Finished My First Flash!

2009-06-15 21:01:12 by DarthVader456

I finished my first flash! It kinda sucks though, because i couldn't get the sprites to work. I had to draw stickmen. It is just Luigi shooting Mario after they have a talk, basically. This concludes my Latest News.

I am going to make a Mario Bros. flash using sprites from Super Mario Bros. 1 for NES. I am not sure what it's gonna be about, but if its a Mario vs. Luigi thing, Luigi's gonna win. It probably won't be a Mario vs. Luigi thing, though. It might be a problem with Mario always saving Peach, and Luigi wants in. This concludes my Latest News.